Your list of to do’s for christmas as a mum

Christmas as a mum with Buggy Bee

Are you getting excited already? Xmas is coming! The year is unwinding, the climate is chasing and the purchasing is beginning. Allow the holiday joy and also celebrations into your home with a few of these years amazing Xmas fundamentals. Get decked out and cosy-up as well as enjoy the vacation spirit. Here are a few things which you can do this christmas as a mum to make things light for you. Make sure you start making your plans early so as to ease your work and stress at the peak of the season.

Christmas as a mum in October

Week 1

  • If your kids have to go on holidays, first of all agree who is going where and when
  • Make a budget plan
  • Come up with your list of requirements
  • Review the decorations you will be needing for Christmas

week 2

  • Make plans of where you will eat
  • Come up with your bakery and grocery list
  • Make plans for what you will stock your freezer with
  • Come up with drafts for your Christmas decorations

week 3 and 4

  • You could book travelling tickets and it is important so you reserve your space and be certain if you have a family vacation. It will be less cheap during this period.
  • You could order for presents which you cannot find and feel your kids need.
  • Start the Christmas shopping to ease your stress


Week 1 and 2

  • Purchase Christmas stamps
  • Make reservations for Christmas shows

Week 3

  • Make reservations for a Santa Claus visit if you have to
  • If you have to make Christmas cards, then it is preferable you come up with the list now.
  • Update addresses when necessary

Week 4

  • Purchase or come with the Christmas postcards
  • Buy Christmas gifts


Week 1

  • Finalize the Post card designs and content
  • Order meat and fish
  • Check-out  new Christmas lights

Week 2

  • Purchase a forage tree and greenery
  • It’s time to decorate
  • Prepare your gifts for posting
  • Last post for international mail

Week 3

  • Go for Christmas clothes shopping with your kid or kids
  • Send the gifts which you were unable to send
  • Throw away things you do not need in the freezer
  • Get the final non-perishable food
  • Wrap home presents

December 22

  • Buy perishable food and stock them at home
  • Get flowers for décor
  • Do your baking
  • And finishing decoration touches
  • You could make pudding and mince meat

December 23

  • Bake Christmas cake and cookies
  • Take family photo
  • Watch a movie either at home as a family or the cinema

December 24

  • Attend a Christmas show
  • Make a family dinner
  • Read Christmas stories
  • Dress up in Christmas attires and pajamas
  • Visit family and friends around

December 25

  • Open up presents
  • Make a meal
  • Go out with family perhaps to a children’s amusement park
  • Take memorable pictures

Hope this would help you for this Christmas as a mum








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