Authoritative Parent : Encouraging good behaviour

Authoritative parent

What it means to be an authoritative parent?

Research shows that the best behaved, most well-adjusted and independent children tend to come from families with an ‘authoritative’ parent style. Authoritative parents mix warmth with control. They’re in charge but in a kind, considerate way which involves their child where appropriate. They seek to explain and educate children about the consequences of their behavior rather than expecting automatic compliance and obedience.

They say:

1 -I’ll listen to your opinion but I’m a growing up with more life experience, so the final decision is mine.

2- I know you’re tired and frustrated but that sort of behavior is never acceptable.

They don’t say: Respect your elders, if you don’t behave I am cancelling Christmas

Why every parent should have a behavior management plan?

Thinking through how you want to manage your child’s behavior to maximise the good and minimize the bad means you’ll feel calmer, more confident and more in control.

What is a behavior management plan? It’s a plan of how you’re going to manage behavior.

-Family rules: What you will and won’t allow

– What happens when the rules are broken or other negative behavior occurs.

– What are your rewards and sanctions? Will you give warnings?

Why have a plan?

By having a plan in mind, you’ll limit the scope for reactions when your child misbehaves or pushes your buttons.

Setting Family Rules

Setting rules can be helpful as children thrive on predictability. The more they know what your expectations are, the better they’re likely to behave. Every family and every child will have different rules and norms.

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