Sell your baby items on Buggy Bee the second hand baby items. You can sell all your new or used baby gear such as cots, beds, strollers, toys…, and make money out of it.
You just have to list all the items you don’t use anymore. Make a description and decide of your price, set your location and arrange with your buyer for a delivery or a pick up. We make it easy for you!

Babies are expensive. And the sentimental amongst us would probably argue that the joy they bring is priceless. Yes, it is. But I sure wanted to earn something back from all that money spent on brand spanking new baby stuff that my first child apparently really only needed for about ten seconds.

You can easily run into the thousands on buying for a new baby, preparing for the nursery and having a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes to see them through the first year or two. And with a quickly growing human beings, the reality is that most of the stuff could still be in near perfect condition by the time you’re finished with it.

There’s a huge market for buying and selling used baby items though. So if you want to clear your loft of all your nearly new baby stuff, Buggy Bee is the perfect place to do so!

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