LIVING and RAISING your kids far away from family

Living near family can have lots of happy moments and warmth from shared experience and everyday support, to the tension kids and the love is just so much that the thoughts of raising your kids away from family can be quite aching. In the unfolding paragraphs we will be looking at some simple recommendations on how to nurture a good relationship with your kids and other family members who are away from them.

Call them often

Kids always want to feel that love and care from their relatives and they start feeling neglected when the attention and care they are receiving are not sufficient for them. This can be a little bit challenging for you as a parent but the solution here is to call them often, they could do video calls often so they stay connected with them and get to share their experiences. Thanks to the internet and the social media, they could still chat up with their distant child like they were right next to them.

Go on vacations

Though the moments spent are always small but the memories that can be built during vacations can last for a lifetime. Life is all about sacrifice especially if your family’s distance is thousands of miles away. What you have to do is decide on where you would love to spend holidays and get started with the planning of the trip. The bonding experience will be extremely great.

Let your family members advise them

Kids as they grow up need proper guidance and if they lack that they might tend to become wayward. If your family is away from you especially their grandparents and uncles, you could let them assist you bring up your child provided it is up to the standards of how you want your child to be raised. How can this be attained? Irrespective of the distance let your family into the life of your child so they can equally give them the advice they need as they grow through various stages of their lives. Let them have a cordial and open relationship with your kids, so they can express their minds and share their experiences. You have to share with them your own experiences so they could learn from them. You could tell them what is expected of them as teenagers, how to treat people or handle failures in life.

Teach your children your family tradition

If you have any unique family traditions, it is important that you teach your child so they will not feel left out should in case there is a get together and family members are carrying out that tradition. Though with the distance and all, once there is that shared common habits, the distance will not really be felt.

Send your kids on holidays once in a while

If you teach your kids have to prioritize their activities, you will certainly have no worry with them going about their activities. Train them to be independent, how to draw and follow a particular schedule. You can only guide them and not alter their activities. If you succeed in doing this, they will be responsible and will have no problem living with any relative for them for the holidays.  It will help your children connect better with other members of the family and get to discover new and exciting places and learning different cultures or something about their background as well. And don’t forget to rent out their toys while they are away

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