Buggy Bee In Kensington mums 7th Birthday

Buggy Bee marketplace

Buggy Bee marketplace

The Networking event: Buggy Bee and Kensington Mums

Our Founder Ghalia took part of the 7th birthday of the Kensington mums.

And the First Networking event for Buggy Bee turned to be a success. Participants were seduced by our start up idea. They testified as mums that it is difficult for them to give a new home to their beloved baby items.

There are so many websites where you can give a new life to your baby items but they all get mixed up with all the other stuff put on for sale, but a dedicated marketplace for baby and child equipment is what they are looking for.

More on Kensington Mums

Kensington Mums is a social media based voluntary network support group. Kensington Mums is open to all mums, dads, carers and guardians who live in Kensington.

This group allows them communicate with each other, share advice, organise meet ups, review tried and tested baby products and capture all those invaluable word of mouth recommendations.

Many mum-preneurs took part of that event sharing the best Lebanese food in the Crockers Folly restaurant in St John’s Wood in London.

If you want you can have a look on their website, they will keep you on the loop www.kensingtonmums.co.uk

Enlarging the circle of Buggy Bee is our first priority because we want to make our customers happy!

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