Buggy Bee The birth Story

Buggy Bee: a Marketplace to help parents

A mom of two beautiful children, who has left her Financial Project Manager job and career in Paris to dedicate her life to raise her kids.
Cleaning her house and getting ready for her second baby, she has realized that we don’t use all the items we buy more than 1 or 2 months in his first year of life.
So she has thought :”what if I can borrow the Cocoonababy for 4 months, that would be great! I don’t really need to buy it is so expensive! and I won’t be using it that much!”
But no one would give me his baby property for free… What If I offer some money for it?
So She looked all over the internet but couldn’t find a place to do it.
She Got lost in marketplaces full of all sort of products, not easy to browse through, she then decided to create Buggy Bee a marketplace to help other parents making some money and emptying up their garages and attics.
She thought of a way to do it and has started digging and going over the internet to do her research.
It took her almost one year to do it with a baby at home.

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