Buggy Bee The peer to peer marketplace

High chair, cot bed, buggy bee
Buggy Bee the peer to peer marketplace to help parents
I am a mom of two children, I left my Financial Project Manager job and career in Paris to move with my husband to live in London and to dedicate my life to look after my family.
It is clattering time by the end of winter and I am getting ready for my second baby which made me realize of how much waste we throw into the landfills.
And because I know that I wouldn’t use all the baby items I will buy more than 1 or 2 months in the first year of my baby’s life and then I am going to throw all of it.
I decided to buy what I will need on the second hand marketplace.
So I went on different peer to peer marketplaces to find second hand baby items, from buggies, to high chairs and baby clothes.
And I was thinking :”what if I can borrow the Cocoonababy for 4 months, that would be great! I don’t really need to buy it is so expensive! and I won’t be using it that much!”
But no one would give me his baby property for free… What If I offer some money for it?
So I looked all over the internet but I couldn’t find a place to do it.
I am lost in marketplaces full of all sort of products, not easy to browse through, so I decide to create Buggy Bee a marketplace to help other parents making some money and emptying up their garages and attics.
I thought of a way to develop it and I have started digging and going over the internet to do my research.
It took me almost one year to do it with a baby at home.

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