5 Tips For Preparing a Valentine at Home as a New Mum

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Valentine at home as a new mum, it’s understandable if you feel uncertain about celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. You probably can’t imagine yourself leaving your newborn in the house with a nanny while spending hours out on a date. And as much as you try to make peace with the fact that you’ll probably sit in all night watching some corny romance movie while your friends enjoy candlelit dinners with their lover’s, the thought depresses you.

Well mum, you definitely do not have to cancel out Valentine’s Day simply because you need to stay in. Even indoors, you and your partner can have a Valentine’s Day to remember. Here are some helpful tips on how to go about it.

  1. Prepare a fancy dinner

Preparing a fancy dinner is the first step to bring Valentine’s Day to your home. Make a special three-course meal, or if you aren’t big on cooking, you can order food. Serve the food nicely on the dining table, set up your table like they would in a 5-star restaurant.

  1. Create the perfect mood

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s dinner without some special ‘extras.’ You can create the perfect mood by putting on some candles, playing songs in the background or putting up a red themed centerpiece.

  1. Dress pretty

It doesn’t matter if dinner is holding at your house, Valentine’s Day is definitely a day to look your best. Take out that red dress your man loves seeing you in and pair it up with some nice pair of heels. You can also do a little makeup and blow out your hair.

  1. Exchange presents

Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate your lover and what better way to do this than with a carefully picked out present. Either during or after dinner, you and your partner can exchange your Valentine’s Day presents. One of the perks of having dinner at your home – you can unwrap your present on the spot!

  1. Cozy up

After enjoying dinner together, you and your partner can cozy up to relive memories of your relationship together while watching the stars.

You don’t have to go out to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and you definitely don’t have to cancel it simply because you’re a new mum. Mums get to have fun too!

These 5 tips listed above will help give you a Valentine to remember.

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